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Friday, June 1st, 2007

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Almost didn't add this one ...
As I've noted previously, there are not a lot of "business" books in my library, and things like this rarely get counted as even "reading", being more a research project than anything else, so don't make it onto my bookshelves, nor into LibraryThing, or even mentioned in here. However, unexpectedly, Blythe Camenson's Careers for New Agers & Other Cosmic Types did a better job of giving me those "pointers" for setting up a metaphysical consulting practice than any of the books that I had specifically bought for such info, so I figured I'd give it a Place In My Library. Ms. Camenson seems to have carved out a niche of writing vast lots of "Careers for" and "Great Jobs for" and "Opportunities in" books, with a fill-in-the-blank for personality types, college majors, and various professional fields, with 75 titles listed on Amazon. So, it's not too surprising that this volume is a bit on the "skimming" side, and is rather an "outsider's view" (I think her "expert" books are the ones she has about getting things published!).

The book is broken up into sections roughly along the lines of "mind", "body", "teaching", etc., with a few "career paths" noted in each. Some of her choices seem odd, but this is several years old (think of how much has changed on the Internet in the past 7 years), and she seems to not have an "insider's grasp" on the "new age" world, resulting in some very minor areas getting more attention than they might otherwise have, and some rather major areas being glossed over. I was rather amused tht she dedicated a whole chapter to being a Paranormal Investigator, which seems to have blossomed as a TV staple in recent years, but at the time of writing was somewhat limited (oooh, she must by psychic!).

Again, while I did find some of the information in here useful, it's certainly a book for a limited audience. I found it interesting that she considered event planning a "new age career" and had it bundled in with teaching and consulting. Go figure. Anyway, the paperback appears to still be in print, so could be found via your favorite brick & mortar bookstore (oddly, Amazon has this at full cover with no discount), but "like new" copies can be had via the new/used vendors for as little as 75¢ plus shipping (in fact, I only ordered this because it was so cheap when I was poking around online for some other career books!). If you're looking for info on the subject, you could certainly do worse.

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