July 19th, 2011


The scumbags won this round ...


When I started this blog back in 2005 it was to make my book reviews available to LibraryThing without having to point everybody over to my main journal ... after all, who needs to read all that emo navel-gazing, right?

Well, as the years rolled on and LibraryThing grew, lots of total wastes of skin started to sign up, half-human creatures whose world was so small and threatening that the concept of doing something as "daring" as clicking a link to an off-site resource was evidently terrifying ... after all, who KNOWS what horrors lurk outside the frilly limits of their tiny existences?!

Anyway, recently one of the most putrid and purposeless of these vermin discovered that he and his sock-puppet accounts could "flag" my reviews on the site (and I have over 450 of these, so you know this disgusting insect doesn't have anything better to do with his time!), claiming that the otherwise informative links to my reviews were not reviews and that the links to my reviews of the LiveJournal Early Reviewer program books were TOS violations!

Fortunately, the very level-headed Management over at LibraryThing has clarified the rules for review posting, and posts to "regular" reviews can now specifically be a link to an off-site review (like 95% of my reviews there), and any further "mass flagging" of my reviews by the "anti-link" cretins will be a clear case of harassment. However, they also determined that, for the LTER reviews, a version of the review had to be on the site, and so I'm working up "text" iterations of these.

Unfortunately, the review box on LibraryThing is very choosy about what HTML elements it allows, which means that pictures (all my reviews feature a scan of the cover), blockquotes, and most other style and formatting codings don't show up. So, I'm having to strip out most of this, replace some of it with "Web 1.0" work-arounds, and otherwise make the world safe for those anti-link troglodytes from the shallow end of the gene pool.

Yes, I'm still mad about it.

- B.T.