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Howdy ...

After many years of not reading (the details of this strange condition, a side-effect of running my own publishing company, can be found in the early entries here), I got back into the habit around 2002, and in February 2004 began to post (in my main LiveJournal) little reviews of books as I read them.

In November 2005, I discovered LibraryThing and began to log in my extensive library. As there is a "review" section for every book listed there, it occurred to me that linking back to my book review posts might be a useful thing to do.

However, I didn't want to "blur the lines" dividing what I primarily use LiveJournal for and what I see LibraryThing being. As such, I started this new journal, just for my book reviews, and have copied over all the book review posts from my main journal to this new one.

- - -

Oh, hey ... would you be interested in hard-copy versions of these reviews? I had so many people suggest to me over the years that I should "do books" of them, that I eventually pulled the trigger on the concept. I'm finally caught up with this, with eleven volumes currently available, 2016 on back through 2004-6 ... click here to check them out!

After years of working on creating some sort of an index for this site,
it's finally here! Click on the buttons below for listings by author and title:

Index by Author

Index by Title

By the way...

EVERYTHING ON THIS SITE ( and all subsidiary pages)

Due to recent developments at relating to users' book reviews, I felt a need to make a formal statement of copyright claim.

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Thank you for your site. I have found here much useful information.
Good site ! ;)
Hi, wanted to stop by. Found your blog on LT's Early Reviewers and have signed up for the fun Tuesday event! :)

Hi, like the poster above me, I found you via Librarything. Your blog looks great, and I look forward to reading more of your reviews :)
I found your blog in the 'Early Reviewers' group on Librarything. Hope you don't mind the random friending!
Found you via LT and added you so that I can easily read my fellow LJ-ers bookblogs. Let me know if not OK. Thanks!!
That is really helpful. It provided me a number of ideas and I'll be placing them on my web site eventually. I'm bookmarking your blog and I'll be back. Thanks again!

I'm curious how you posted this comment in 2022? :-)

With LiveJournal you can set pretty much any date for the post and it will sort in that order. While there may be another "more elegant" way to keep an intro post up top on the feed, I've always just used the date setting thing (initially set for the end of the Mayan calendar on 12/21/2012 ... to which I just added another decade when that date passed).

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